ðŸšĶConnecting Your Wallet

Connecting your wallet to Chainlyze is a straightforward and secure process. We use WalletConnect and RainbowKit to facilitate this connection, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of wallets. This setup allows us to query on-chain data using just your wallet address, without requiring any signing permissions or transactions at this time.

How to Connect Your Wallet

  1. Choose Your Wallet: Open the wallet application that you prefer and that supports WalletConnect.

  2. Initiate the Connection: On Chainlyze, navigate to the section where wallet connection is prompted. Click on "Connect Wallet."

  3. Scan the QR Code: Use your wallet app to scan the QR code displayed by Chainlyze. This pairs your wallet with our platform.

  4. Confirm the Connection: Approve the connection request in your wallet. Remember, we only require access to your public wallet address. You will not be asked to sign transactions or approve any transfers.

Security and Privacy

Your security is our top priority. Connecting your wallet with Chainlyze through WalletConnect and RainbowKit is safe:

  • No Private Keys Accessed: We do not access your private keys or seed phrase at any point.

  • No Transactions Required: Currently, we do not require you to sign any transactions, so there is no risk of unintended transfers.

  • Read-Only Access: At this phase, our access is limited to viewing public data such as your wallet address for querying blockchain activities. This poses no security risk to your funds or wallet.

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