⏩Integration with Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

Chainlyze integrates seamlessly with Ethereum Name Service (ENS), enhancing the usability of our platform by allowing users to interact with blockchain addresses through human-readable names. This integration simplifies the process of identifying and analyzing wallet addresses by replacing or supplementing traditional hexadecimal addresses with more memorable and meaningful names.

How It Works

  • Search Using ENS Names: Users can input ENS names instead of the usual complex blockchain addresses when searching for wallets on Chainlyze. This feature makes it easier to navigate and understand blockchain transactions and balances.

  • Automatic ENS Recognition: When a user connected to Chainlyze has an associated ENS name, it automatically appears within brackets next to their blockchain address throughout the platform. This enhances clarity and helps in recognizing and remembering user identities more easily.

Utilizing ENS on Chainlyze

  1. Enter ENS Name in Search: Instead of typing a long blockchain address, simply use an ENS name like example.eth in the search field to access the associated wallet’s analytics.

  2. View Automatic ENS Displays: For any wallet that includes an ENS name, Chainlyze will automatically display this name next to the corresponding blockchain address in all relevant sections of the platform.

This integration not only makes the user experience more intuitive but also leverages the power of ENS to foster a user-friendly environment for exploring blockchain data.

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