📈On-Chain Analytics and Transaction Monitoring

Our Transaction Monitoring feature provides users with a powerful tool to track and analyze transactions across multiple blockchain networks directly from the Chainlyze platform. This feature is designed to give a clear and detailed view of transaction activities associated with a specific wallet address.

Overview of Transaction Monitoring

With Chainlyze, you can monitor every transaction detail, including transaction hashes (Txn), methods used (Method), the amount transferred (Amount), and the transaction fees incurred (Fee). This comprehensive visibility helps users manage their blockchain activities more efficiently and with greater transparency.

Key Features of Transaction Monitoring

  • Transaction Details: View detailed information about each transaction, including:

    • Txn (Transaction Hash): A unique identifier for each transaction on the blockchain.

    • Method: The type of transaction or contract method being called (e.g., transfer, swap).

    • Amount: The amount of cryptocurrency or tokens transferred in the transaction.

    • Fee: The network fee paid for the transaction.

  • Search and Filter: Easily search for specific transactions and filter by various parameters such as chain, amount, or fee to quickly find the information you need.

  • Historical Data: Access historical transaction data for detailed analysis and trend identification.

Benefits of Transaction Monitoring

  • Enhanced Oversight: Keep a close eye on all transactions to ensure there are no unexpected or unauthorized activities.

  • Cost Management: Track and analyze fees over time to better understand and manage transaction costs.

  • Informed Decision Making: Use detailed transaction data to make more informed decisions regarding your blockchain investments and activities.

  • Security Enhancements: Monitor transactions for patterns that may indicate fraudulent or risky behavior.

Getting Started with Transaction Monitoring

To begin monitoring transactions:

  1. Navigate to the Transactions tab on the Chainlyze platform.

  2. You will be presented with a table listing all transactions related to your query. Each entry will show the Transaction Hash, Method, Amount, and Fee.

  3. Utilize the search and filter tools to narrow down your view or analyze specific transactions.

  4. Click on any transaction hash to view more detailed information about that particular transaction.

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